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  Here are just a few barter success stories I've personally witnessed...

A new sole proprietor jump starts his business by accepting half his clients on barter. These were very easy sales and they provided him the credibility and prestige he needed to land more cash clients. Plus, the trade clients referred many more cash customers, as well. (the sole proprietor was me)

A small business with an even smaller advertising budget stumbled into a barter arrangement where it traded inventory it couldn't sell in exchange for a large amount of advertising and publicity... which generated a lot of excitement and new customers. (the manager of this small business was me)

A hotel sales director was struggling to get group sales and her job was in jeopardy. Using barter tactics she learned from a new acquaintance, she began to consistently beat out bigger competitors and land group contract one after another. This improved cash flow significantly for her employer and solidified her job stability. (her new acquaintance was me)


If you're not using...

"organized" barter
trade credits
trade exchanges
due bills
cash conversions
barter arbitrage
the "HAC" method
creative currency

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These  tactics are NOT complicated, but very few people know about them...

Each issue provides a brief, clear and concise barter tactic along with the best methods I know of to help you get the most out of it. This is not a comprehensive course on barter, but a unique insider's perspective on how you can use powerful barter tactics to create fantastic opportunities for you and your business.

I will also strive to ensure you know about any unwanted consequences that could arise and how to avoid them. I'll look out for you just like I did for my clients when I worked for a major regional trade exchange. I'll even introduce you to the power players and resources I use so that you can create your own strategic alliances.

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BarterTactics.comô will make use of multple formats, such as:
text, audio, video, mindmaps, spreadsheets, powerpoint, process charts

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Real case studies...
I'll research actual real life opportunities and show you exactly how you could take advantage of them using barter tactics. Don't worry if you think everyone subscribing will be competing for these opportunities. There's plenty to go around. The important thing is that you'll see how barter tactics can be applied to actual opportunities so that you can recognize, and act on, them in the future when it suits your situation.


  Knowledge that lasts a lifetime...

For a ridiculously low price, you can put my many years of barter experience and knowledge to work for you and your business. I've been doing commercial barter since the early 1980's... as a business manager, business owner and as a director of member development for a major regional trade exchange (barter company). I've presented workshops and seminars on barter tactics to college MBA classes, Chambers of Commerce, entrepreneurial clubs as well as numerous business owners and professionals. It's a lot of fun helping business owners and professionals solve their problems, grow their business and make more money...all using barter tactics! I want to help you, too.

I encourage you to give BarterTactics.comô a try. The things you will learn will benefit you the rest of your life. You'll be able to improve your standard of living and have competitors scratching their heads (probably thinking you must be doing something illegal). As a subscriber, you can send me your questions and I'll do my best to answer them either directly, in a FAQ page or another format.


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By the way, I've bartered with some pretty well known names that you've probably heard of...you'll just have to trust me on this because their secret is safe with me. However, there are many others I will tell you about.


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